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a-dura investigation results/ Is the boy still alive?

Enclose lectures and articles showing the investigation results, published in some of the leading journal and Academics, including: The Atlantic by the advisor of the USA president, Lecture at the AAFS (American Academy of Forensic Science) follo...

I love Israel - 114 Youtube Playlist

the speach by the former commander of the British forces in Afghanistan (includes text translation to other languages) : "based on my knowledge and experience, I can say this: During Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli Defence Forces did more to safe...

So now we can see how Richard Goldstone thinks he has preserved his judicial reputation while perpetrating a blood libel against Israel. He has produced a report which, as anticipated, finds that Israel committed all the ‘war crimes’ during Operat...

ON the Scientific TV Channel (ch 8) of Israel

The technology based on combination of Geometric and physical solutions, enabling different methods of Light transparency through opaque material although preventing bullets and similar threads penetration, and scattering.

pagoda  building-Tel Aviv

Rachel Klein Elazari , born in Israel, second genaration to the Holocaust , in search of roots in the new country , painted this evidence of the jewish people building the new Israel in the 30's knowing this is the ...

Dalia Rabin is sincerely perplexed by the doubts and troubling questions she has recently presented in the media. Furthermore, she is not alone here, but is expressing the sentiments of her brother Yuval and her mother, Leah Rabin.

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